In order to maintain a consistent and optimal performing ensemble, the Waco Community Band utilizes a fixed instrumentation which limits the number of players in each section. Section openings are filled from our Wait List of auditioned adult musicians. To learn if an immediate opening exists in a section or to arrange an audition for our Wait List, please contact the appropriate Section Leader.

We utilize a "limited instrumentation" in order to maintain balance among the parts. For ideal instrumentation, we currently have openings for harp, oboe, and percussion. Please contact the appropriate section leader for more information.

Section openings are filled from our current Wait List of auditioned musicians. To be placed on the Wait List, a musician must audition for the Section Leader and conductor. This informal, friendly audition provides an opportunity for questions to be answered and personal contact to be made. An auditioning musician should have strong playing skills - either a college-level playing background or exceptional high school experiences - and a high level of commitment and dedication. An audition includes a prepared piece that exemplifies the individual's playing ability (not more than 3 minutes of music) and a sight-reading exercise. Results are given the next day (by phone). If you are auditioning on a rehearsal night, you are welcome to stay and observe some of our rehearsal.

Area band directors and others with music degrees who wish to play with the ensemble are exempt from this audition if playing their primary instrument. Please understand that without an audition proper part assignments will be more difficult for the Section Leader/conductor to ascertain. Please do not be offended if you are initially asked to play a second or third part.

Rehearsal Time and Location:
The band rehearses on Tuesday evenings, 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm, in Room 145 of the Ball Performing Arts Center (map)  on the McLennan Community College campus. Observing visitors are always welcome at our rehearsals. Sorry - we do not allow non-members to "sit in" on a rehearsal or simply show up and expect to play.

Attendance and Commitment to the Ensemble:
Musicians commit to participation in the group on a concert-by-concert basis. We refer to a concert and the preceding rehearsals as a concert set.

Prior to the beginning of a new concert set, each section member is asked to check their work/personal calendar and commit to play or not play. Known absences should be stated before the new concert set begins so adequate part assignments and rehearsal schedules can be determined. Most concert sets will have 5 or 6 rehearsals. Musicians are expected to not miss more than one rehearsal per set. If a member knows they will miss more than one rehearsal, approval to participate in the concert set will be determined by the Section Leader through consultation with the conductor. A known absence from the dress/final rehearsal must be approved in advance by the conductor. 

Members who have an unexpected absence from a rehearsal (ill, etc.) should notify the Section Leader as far in advance of rehearsal time as possible. It is the Section Leader's responsibility to then inform the conductor. Players who unexpectedly miss a rehearsal without explanation will be contacted by the Section Leader and may be asked to withdraw from the current concert set.

We are a group of musicians eager to be challenged by advanced literature and are dedicated to performing to our best ability. We understand the need to practice our parts outside of rehearsal time.

Commitment Deadline:
In order to prepare music folders and part assignments, members must commit to a concert set no later than two weeks before the first rehearsal for that set. After that date, only the conductor can approve additional personnel.

Concert Dress:
For formal concerts, the attire is formal black. Please read the Concert Dress Guidelines for details. During the summer months and for informal concerts, the attire is black pants/skirt (or shorts, if directed) and a white polo-type shirt.