Getting to McLennan Community College:

MCC is located in the North-West corner of Waco.


If arriving on i-35 from the north

(Dallas/Fort Worth), exit at "TX-340-Loop/Lakeshore Drive" (Exit #339) and travel west (to the right) for about 6 miles.  You will see the campus on the left.

If arriving on I-35 from the south

(Austin), travel through Waco and exit at Martin Luther King Boulevard (Exit #335-C, just beyond Baylor).  Turn left (west) on MLK Boulevard and travel about 4 miles until you reach the intersection with Lakeshore Drive.  Turn left on Lakeshore Drive and in about 1 mile you will see the campus on the left.

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Finding the Performing Arts Center:

Note: This building is known by several names: PAC, BPAC, Ball Performing Arts Center, or "the theater."

Once you arrive on campus, parking varies according to the time of day and events.  The lot closest to the PAC is Lot K.  It is gated (closed) until 2 p.m., Monday - Friday.  If you are coming outside those times, it will be your best parking.  From Lot K, the PAC is the large building on your left.  You will follow the main sidewalk about 20 yards and enter straight ahead through glass doors into the PAC lobby.

If you park elsewhere on campus, look for a large, glass-fronted building with a fountain in front.  Most of the main campus is built around an open courtyard-type area and the PAC is easily visible from there, although it can be slightly hidden from view by the trees.

If you want a very detailed image of campus, clearly indicating parking areas and a path to the PAC and Room 145, click here to download a large PDF file (2.6MB).  You can zoom in on the document and see the pathway through the halls to Room 145.

Select photo for enlarged view.

Finding the rehearsal hall (PAC 145) and practice rooms:

Rehearsals take place in PAC 145 (Room 145 in the Performing Arts Center).  Upon entering the lobby of the PAC, turn left and proceed past the restrooms and water fountain.  Turn left at the hallway, then right at the practice rooms.  Room 145 is at the end of the practice rooms, just to the right down a few steps; the room number is above the door.

Finding the Music Director's Office:

Auditions are usually held in the music director's office (Room 103) in the Performing Arts Center.  Upon entering the lobby of the PAC, turn right and walk to the far end where you will find the Theater Box Office and the faculty offices.  PAC 103 is just ahead in the hallway.  The number is above the door.  If you carry a cell phone, please add Jon Conrad's office phone number (254-299-8220) in case you need directions once on campus.